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2017 company events

Author:TRMSource:2017 Annual Report Date:May 28, 2018 09:23

     1. In January 2017, the company obtained the software copyrights of 6 software systems, including order management system, contract management system, phone fee H5 recharge system, process H5 recharge system, marketing support system, and offline and online delivery system.


      2. In the first half of 2017, the company successfully maintained the innovation tier of the NEEQ in compliance with the “compound growth rate of operating income + operating income + equity” innovation level maintenance standard (standard 2).


      3. In February 2017, the company jointly launched the credit payment business at Sinopec gas stations and pioneered the innovative model of credit payment in China.


      4. In March 2017, the company signed a cooperation agreement on operator credit financial products in WeBank.


      5. In July 2017, the company became the first batch of suppliers after the new Unicom credits platform was launched.


      6. In September 2017, the company opened an excuse for the physical operation of the Telecom Credits Mall, and its operational capabilities continued to increase.


      7. In 2017, the company was authorized by brands such as Tencent Video, Vipshop and Philips in related channels.